Skenè. Theatre and Drama Studies

The Skenè Project is a scholarly enterprise devoted to research in the field of theatre and drama from the antiquity to the present. It was established in 2014 by a group of scholars in the humanities from the Universities of Verona and Florence. It includes: a peer-reviewed online journal (Skenè. Journal of Theatre and Drama Studies); a series (Skenè. Texts and Studies); hypertext databases (Skenè. Digital Archives) - see below.
Drawing contributions from distinguished scholars of theatre and in the humanities but also encouraging the collaboration of young researchers, the Skenè Project aims at fostering and furthering contemporary critical debate on drama and theatre texts and at promoting a fertile confrontation between different critical approaches with an emphasis on international and interdisciplinary perspectives. The Project also revolves around the creation of digital research tools such as hypertext databases and archives designed to make available to scholars and students a corpus of dramatic source material, scripts, and criticism. Skenè also embraces the online and print-on-demand publication of a series of volumes, in English or parallel text, including textual editions, translations, and monographs.

Directors of the Skenè Project:

Guido Avezzù - Professor of Greek Literature 
Silvia Bigliazzi - Professor of English Literature 

Co-founders of the Skenè Project:

Guido Avezzù - Professor of Greek Literature 
Silvia Bigliazzi 
- Professor of English Literature
Simona Brunetti - Lecturer of Performing Arts
Lisanna Calvi - Lecturer of English Literature
Nicola Pasqualicchio - Lecturer of Performing Arts
Alessandro Serpieri - Emeritus of English Literature
Gherardo Ugolini - Professor of Classical Philology and History of Greek and Roman Theatre


Skenè. Journal of Theatre and Drama Studies        

Skenè. Texts and Studies        


Skenè. Digital Archives