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Shakespeare’s Narrative Sources: Italian novellas and their European dissemination.

Shakespeare’s sources have long been identified and extensively studied; yet not all of them have been examined in their European dissemination, translation, adaptation, and circulation of the early modern editions, which often present significant textual and paratextual variants, additions, and omissions. Nor is digital access to these editions always possible. Thus, while we tend to take for granted the textual stability of sources, compared to the radical instability of Shakespeare’s plays, a closer exploration of the actual editions that may have been available at the time shows relevant textual differences bearing upon their possible reception. What did Shakespeare and his contemporaries actually read? To what extent do cultural national differences emerge from the comparison of these texts? This digital project aims at providing a flexible and freely accessible research tool allowing for the easy comparison of Shakespeare’s Italian sources and their European mediation.

A description of the SENS project is available here as a PPT presentation: SENS_presentation

Romeo and Juliet
The Merchant of Venice
The Taming of the Shrew
Measure for Measure
The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Much Ado about Nothing

The Team
Prof. Silvia Bigliazzi, English Literature – Verona (leader)
Prof. Susan Payne, English Literature – Florence
Dr Lisanna Calvi, English Literature – Verona
Dr Lucia Nigri, English Literature – Salford, Manchester
Alex Zanutto

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