Skenè. Texts and Studies

Founded in 2014 by Guido Avezzù, Silvia Bigliazzi, and Alessandro Serpieri, Skenè. Texts and Studies is an online and print-on-demand series of volumes including annotated editions of drama texts and primary sources on the theory, practice, and history of theatre and drama as well as original book-length studies on the theory and practice of drama. The series also aims at furthering original research by producing texts hitherto unpublished.

The series includes three sectionsSTUDIES 1, STUDIES 2, and TEXTS. 

General Editors
Guido Avezzù - Greek Literature, Verona (Executive Editor)
Silvia Bigliazzi - English Literature, Verona

Editorial Board

Simona Brunetti - Performing Arts, Verona
Francesco Lupi - Greek Literature, Verona
Nicola Pasqualicchio - Performing Arts, Verona
Susan Payne - English Literature, Florence 
Gherardo Ugolini - Classical Philology and History of Greek and Roman Theatre, Verona


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Skenè. Texts and Studies is a peer-reviewed publication.
ISSN 2464-9295